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Dem Rep. Demings: Dems Not Running to Impeachment, but Not Running Away From It Either

Sunday, Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) commented on the Democrats’ plans to impeach President Donald Trump, saying the party may not be “running to impeachment,” but also is not “running away from it either.” “I have made a statement before that we’re certainly not running to impeachment, but we’re not running away from it either,” Demings explained. “We need to do our jobs. And I know when I’m home in the district as I am now and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, run into some of their constituents who ask about it. For the last two years, we have just seen and witnessed and heard one thing after the other about the Russia investigation, about the president’s involvement. So it’s an issue that will be on the table.” She continued, “We certainly are committed to allowing the special counsel to do his work, but we are not waiting on the special counsel to finish his work to subpoena witnesses that we deem necessary, to subpoena documents and other materials to hold hearings that we deem necessary, and really to get to the bottom of the president’s involvement or any of his enablers in the involvement of undermining our

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