Today in the city Deming 27.05.2019

Funny video 😂

It is all about funnyness.

Cool eyebrow dance

It love to eye brow dance.


It eye brow DANCE.

EyeBrow Dance

It Does eye Brow Dances.

Cost of Honduranambulance ride US border

any guesses?? costs for these trips to hospital? from abandoned private county owned hangars for those without insurance and non citizens? daily.

Never Enough: Dee Padron & Elizabeth Hamilton

Deming High School Spring Choir Concert.

DIY Mud Mask DIY All Natural Mud Mask Beauty Hacks Hippi Status nature xD

3:03 Mud Mask Officially Starts ENJOY AND SUBSCRIBE.

Josie's Getting Suspended.!!

Sorry For Late Upload A lot Had Happen Today Upload When Uploaded🤷 ♀ 4th hour Fam: Josie Kris Maya Bryanda Miguel Ryan Chyanne Itzel Like ...

MaddenNFL19 49ers VS Tennessee

Madden NFL19/ Sack Party in Tennessee!!!

MaddenNFL19 49ers VS Eagles


few sounds of gimmegrant shelter Deming NM

honduran kid sounds Deming nm volunteers ?? stayed overnight County fairgrounds thanks to Sherriff Unmarked white vans drivers unloading at least 800 ...

Starmax Bar in Deming NM Dancing to Taki Taki xD i was drunk already xD

My first time there.

Dancing at Starmax in Deming NM

May 11th 2019.

First Time In Starmax Bar , Deming NM

Hunting for rabbits


Console vs PC

Subscribe pleas.

Electrify America Charging Station Review - Deming NM

Good news and bad news. Good news is that the charging stations are fast and #ElectrifyAmerica customer service is excellent. Also good news to have a high ...

Give away!!!

Song (floating kae soul) Camera man David Snapchat David.robredo Instagram Jojomesa Alfredo_barajas7 Song in concert (Home Chris Tomlin)

➡️SOLD⬅️Grow with Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

Brand New Item Subscribe & Share W/ Friends & Family 3 Way's to play 4 Linkable toys 1.) Overhead Discovery 2.) Pop-Up mesh sides, surrounds baby 3.

The King Cannibal


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Path in trailer park

Madden NFL 19 / 49ers vs Rams

Adrian-Colbert with the goal line Interception!!

Down by 3 in the 4th Quarter No Problem.

MADDEN NFL 19// Rams vs 49ERS.

RAYMO - Ralph Lauren ft Baby Bee

Square One album New Mexico 575 505 Deming Luna County.


Freestyle by crystopher.

Zoomed in apparition from previous video

This is a zoomed in video from the earlier ghost video in deming.

Call of Duty* Remastered*

Story Mode//. SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00.

54th Annual Rockhound Roundup 2019

Dust disaster part 1

Dust disaster deming nm part 2

Madden 19 ESL TOURNAMENT Live PS4 Broadcast

Ravens vs Bears.. how did he get 8 points!!

Cris rosted skylar

Free stile.

Madden NFL 19 Ravens VS Steelers

Phatkat36057 Vs A_D2431 Online Gameplay (Pause)!!

Elemental battlegrounds-Roblox

Roblox - My magical spells book!!

Week 1 49ers vs Vikings /MADDEN- Live PS4 Broadcast

Epic come back!!

MC5- Team Battle Museum

Modern Combat 5.

MC5–Kill winner.

MC5–Kill shots!!

Reaction to Peanut Butter N Jelly Oreos

Food bank food Like and.

Beautiful Sunset

Just wanted to share this beautiful Sunset.

Alien base!!-Roblox-Zombie Attack

Broner Family clearing waves!!

ROBLOX-Zombie Attack pt2

Buying a $12000 Cobra machine gun!!

(MC5) PT2 Trying to get new guns.

DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: ...

Modern combat 5 (MC5)

Modern combat blackout campaign Battle Royal Use DU Recorder to livestream your screen and share the games, videos, and sports you like with more people: ...

We Run the yard!!! Roblox Prison Life

Roblox Prison Life.


Deming New Mexico trains passing on.

Roblox zombie Attack 2019

Delux M618 PLUS Ergonomics Vertical Gaming Wired Mouse 6 Buttons 4000 DPI Optical RGB Wireless Right Hand Mice For PC Laptop. Extra 20% OFF.


TURBO DISMOUNT __Felix showing how it's done.

Road Trip Trinidad Colorado Jan 2019

Two friends on a 19 hour road trip to and back from Trinidad C.O..

8th grade Deming meet

200 meter run, 1st place.
Weather in the city Deming the week
         What is the weather in Deming will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question