Today in the city Deming 21.03.2019

Silver Whiskers

An upscale thrift and gift store in Deming New Mexico 118 S. Silver Ave., Deming NM.

My Life As A School Girl Doll Box Opening #mylifeasdoll #mylfeasdoll My mom and I both got this adorable doll to add to our collection. Thank you for watching!

Robin's Nest Vintage & Bohemian Treasures

A unique and quirky store in Deming New Mexico. 119 E. Spruce Deming, New Mexico.

UFO in Deming NM?

Possible UFO sighting near Deming, NM. I followed this for about 100 miles. It stayed to my left and I never could get past it. The only thing it might be is a ...

Robin's Nest Vintage & Bohemian Treasures in Deming, New Mexico

A quirky and fun shop in Deming New Mexico.

State Fairs Proposal 🎠🎡

State Fair Proposal.

Porque me ases llorar(cover)

Porque me ases llorar.

Past Treasures thrift store - Deming, New Mexico

Shopping at a thrift store in Deming New Mexico. If you would like to support this channel and leave a tip, please visit ...

Check it out my homie from Deming NM


Thrift store shopping at helping hands in Deming New Mexico

Thrift store shopping at a local thrift store.

Dollar Tree find - Solar Christmas window candle

So happy to find this solar candle at the Dollar Tree store. If you would like to support this channel and leave a tip, please visit ...

SamuVlog - Deming New Mexico stopped by border patrol.

My Tesla Referral code will give you free stuff when buying a Tesla!!!

School Mariachi band concert Rockhound Park - part one Deming New Mexico

local kids from Deming New Mexico play in a Mariachi band amd have a concert in Rockhound park.

Tetra live :shark attack

Oniel aldo Miguel.


Mission 1.

Forghedaboudit for Sale

Honey boo boos lookalike twin 😂💛

Ghetto musically.

DHS Choir Concert 5/10/18

360 Drives - Deming, New Mexico, Spruce Street

A 360 Drive of Spruce Street in Deming, NM. 360 videos allow you to move the image to look in any direction, playing or paused! Like and share please!

Deming Luna County Farmer's Market

Farmer craft market at the court house park in Deming New Mexico.

DHS Choir Concert 5/10/18


DHS Choir Concert 5/10/18

Review of Evocel case and shell.

This is for the LG K20+ phone. Check out the kick stand. Abit under thought?

Dollar Tree Haul What I picked up at the Dollar Tree store this week. Thank you for watching.


Fabric, craft supplies, books, ribbon Handmade items made by local crafters, including jewelry. Knit, crochet & fabric specialty items. One of a kind and the ...

School Mariachi band concert at Rockhound park.- part two Deming New Mexico

local kids from Deming New Mexico play a Mariachi concert in Rockhound park.

(MC5) PT2 Trying to get new guns.

DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: ...

A new member has been adopted in the family

One last member added to the family. I adopted her from a local shelter. I have decided to name her Chica.

Look at the size of this thing! Creepy-Crawlie in the desert

Big ol' centipede or millipede invading our campsite at RockHound State Park near Deming, New Mexico. This is 1 of 3 to come crawling thru our campsite.

🎃 Halloween items at Dollar Tree Store 🎃 Cute Halloween items at my local Dollar tree store. Thanks for watching.



TURBO DISMOUNT __Felix showing how it's done.

School Mariachi band concert at Rockhound park - part three Deming New Mexico

local kids from school give a concert in Rockhound park. Thank you for watching.

Dec Your Casa craft store Christmas shopping! - Deming, New Mexico

Shopping at the Christmas open house 11/24/2018 If you would like to support this channel and leave a tip, please visit ...

🐾 Cute sleeping Chihuahua 🐾

CuteChihuahua #SleepyChihuahua My sweet Chihuahua I adopted from the shelter cuddling and sleeping with a teddy bear. Thank you for watching.

Beautiful Sunset

Just wanted to share this beautiful Sunset.

Shopping in St. Vincent Store in Deming New Mexico

Shopping at a local thrift store in my town. Thank you for watching!

MC5–Kill winner.

MC5–Kill shots!!

Deming, NM

Dodgeball Game 2

Diaz Farm Produce

Sleeping Dragon Farmer's Market

shopping at a local indoor Farmer's market.

Deming, NM (better quality)

This is a video I took on my phone before I went live and posted the song, the quality of this one seems to be much better.


We were gonna blow up a tv and a fridge but the tannerite didnt blow up after we shot it idk why any idea why??? stay tuned i ordered more and that large size ...

Road Trip Trinidad Colorado Jan 2019

Two friends on a 19 hour road trip to and back from Trinidad C.O..


Playing Roblox and baldi keeps killing me.

Deming Luna county farmer's market

Shopping at the farmer and craft market in Deming New Mexico.



This Is Me

Weather in the city Deming the week
         What is the weather in Deming will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question