Today in the city Deming 17.08.2019

Git Up Challenge. Law Enforcement Edition

Deming Police Department completing the Git Up Challenge! Who will do it next. I do not own rights to the music. #Gitupchallenge.

crazy lighting in the middle of the New Mexico desert 新墨西哥州的电闪雷鸣⛈️

crazy lighting in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

Deming Strip Center for Sale

Strip Center for sale in Deming, New Mexico in excellent condition!

Apex Legends.The Kill Leader Killer

APEX LEGENDS™!/en-us/tid=CUSA12540_00


World Tour/ San Francisco.



July 21, 2019

Bubba Smrkovsky - Boot Scoot.

Snipes and blood

All rights to juice WRLD and marshmello.

Madden 19- 49ers vs Rams

Defensive master piece!!! 7sacks 3INT 107 yard Return!

El Baile sopresa de Nazaret en su Quince

El Baile sopresa de Nazaret en su Quince.

Nini Birthday party

Starmax Deming NM nini bo 7-9-19.

Racing for some Gems/BB Racing 2

Racing for some Gems!!

Jemima Sanchez

In memory of Joab Sanchez.

El Vals de Nazaret en su Quince

El Vals de Nazaret en su Quince.

Fortnite Season 9

Catching some waves and some bodies.

Test ride

Test riding the pink panther.

abandoned mine

Deming New Mexico Florida mountains.

Part 2.exploring abandon mine

No luck getting in the cave.

My first YouTube video

Snapchat: lizzygizzy90 Instagram:shorty.forever_.2021 Show me some love.

June 9, 2019

ROBLOX/Baldi basic and education

DURecorder #ROBLOX #Badli.

Dolton midll schools mariachi concert

lulu angela.

Boys rule

Boys voice.


So funny.

Lots of faces

So funny faces.

Cool eyebrow dance

It love to eye brow dance.


It eye brow DANCE.

EyeBrow Dance

It Does eye Brow Dances.

Cost of Honduranambulance ride US border LUNA COUNTYNM

any guesses?? costs for these trips to hospital? from abandoned private county owned hangars for those without insurance and non citizens? daily.

Never Enough: Dee Padron & Elizabeth Hamilton

Deming High School Spring Choir Concert.

DIY Mud Mask DIY All Natural Mud Mask Beauty Hacks Hippi Status nature xD

3:03 Mud Mask Officially Starts ENJOY AND SUBSCRIBE.

Josie's Getting Suspended.!!

Sorry For Late Upload A lot Had Happen Today Upload When Uploaded🤷 ♀️ 4th hour Fam: Josie Kris Maya Bryanda Miguel Ryan Chyanne Itzel Like ...

MaddenNFL19 49ers VS Tennessee

Madden NFL19/ Sack Party in Tennessee!!!

MaddenNFL19 49ers VS Eagles


starting entryway to help Gimmegrants in deming NM.

In side Deming shelter for Gimmegrants. Just signing in to help. Catholic Charities and Red Cross are part of the problem. Name and Address needed before ...

Starmax Bar in Deming NM Dancing to Taki Taki xD i was drunk already xD

My first time there.

Dancing at Starmax in Deming NM

May 11th 2019.

First Time In Starmax Bar , Deming NM

Hunting for rabbits


Console vs PC

Subscribe pleas.

Electrify America Charging Station Review - Deming NM

Good news and bad news. Good news is that the charging stations are fast and #ElectrifyAmerica customer service is excellent. Also good news to have a high ...

The King Cannibal



Я не помню кому я дала ее на работу за мной.

Path in trailer park

Madden NFL 19 / 49ers vs Rams

Adrian-Colbert with the goal line Interception!!

Down by 3 in the 4th Quarter No Problem.

MADDEN NFL 19// Rams vs 49ERS.

RAYMO - Ralph Lauren ft Baby Bee

Square One album New Mexico 575 505 Deming Luna County.


Freestyle by crystopher.

Zoomed in apparition from previous video

This is a zoomed in video from the earlier ghost video in deming.

Call of Duty* Remastered*

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Weather in the city Deming the week
         What is the weather in Deming will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question